These are unprecedented times and demands for protective gear has never been higher. For this reason, we at PRN Medical Supply is connecting the world with first class medical gear.

Together we can make a change and help make our world a safer place, and we're starting with quality protective gear that meets all CE or FDA certifications, efficient logistics, low cost, and above all, peace of mind to the front lines medical staff, public service officers, volunteers, and to our friends and families around the globe.


Our products are in high demand, for this reason, availability changes frequently. We do our best to update our inventory daily and even by the hour. Please expect occasional delays and frequent changes to quantity and availability.

Surgical Mask
Disposable Mask
Hand Sanitizers
Face Shields
Surgical Gloves
Latex/Rubber Gloves
Disposable Gowns & Goggles
COVID19 Test Swab
Waterproof Rubber Boots
Red Bio-Trash Bags 

CE & FDA Certified

We go through a rigorous process to ensure the quality and source for all of our medical supplies


Before listing any medical item, we establish and work out all the logistics to encourage a smooth delivery for every order


Our people deserve access to all quality medical supplies, for this reason, we stand against price gauging and keep our cost to its lowest possible



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